Full-scale training at Varna Airport


A full-scale training session on the emergency-rescue plan was held at Varna Airport on May 10th. The training scenario recreated an aviation accident involving a passenger aircraft.

Within the framework of the exercise a number of aspects were tested, namely: the communication network between the groups, the automatic notification system, firefighting units, vehicle approach to the "accident", evacuation, medical assistance administration to the "injured", servicing unwounded passengers, interaction with external authorities and logistics and the overall work of the emergency operation center.

The following teams participated in the full-scale training event: the emergency rescue teams at Varna Airport, Bulgarian Air Charter Airline, Air Traffic Services Center, Fire Safety and Rescue, Border Police, RDFD, Emergency Medical Center Assistance, St. Anne Hospital - Varna, Bulgarian Red Cross and Unified Rescue System 112. During the closing and debriefing session of the exercise, Chief Executive Officer of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management Ulrich Heppe addressed the whole audience: "Thank you all for your active participation in the training. Your valuable feedback is much appreciated and will contribute significantly to improve the response and actions of our emergency and rescue teams in the future."

A print-quality photo is available here