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Aeroflot Launches All-Year-Round Moscow-Burgas Route


Burgas Airport welcomes the first flight with sweet Bulgarian Rose jam

The Russian company Aeroflot starts daily flights between Burgas and Moscow. The flights will be operated according to the following schedule: Flight SU 2156 departs from Moscow at 5:55pm and arrives in Burgas at 7:20pm (local time) and flight SU 2157 departs from Burgas at 8:30pm and arrives in Moscow at 11:50pm (local time). From the end of October, the company will conduct its flights three times per week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The new year-round line will be operated with Airbus A320, Boeing and SuperJet aircraft and is expected to serve approximately 33,000 new customers.
Aeroflot is the leading Russian carrier and a member of SkyTeam's global aviation alliance. Additionally, it is among the top 20 airlines in the world and has the world's youngest fleet with more than a hundred aircraft. In 2017, Aeroflot transported its 32.8 millionth passenger and was given a four-star rating from the British Skytrax consulting company and five stars from the APEX American Aviation Association.

Year 2012 was the last time the airline operated flights to our Black Sea airports.
On the occasion of the World Cup, Aeroflot advises all passengers to arrive at Sheremetyevo Airport at least two and a half hours before the scheduled departure time.

A print-quality photo is available here