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Full-scale training exercise with challenging obstacles held at Varna Airport


On April 17, at 9:30pm, a full-scale training session on the emergency and rescue plan was held at Varna Airport with the participation of over 20 emergency rescue vehicles and over 70 employees and external units. The training scenario recreated an aviation accident on the territory of Varna Airport. The preparation of the training involved staff from all work shifts and amounted to approximately 1400 man-hours total time spent on organizing, training, instructing, analyzing and testing the equipment. Provided that 20% of traffic at Varna Airport passes through the dark hours of the day, for the first time, the full-scale exercise was held at nighttime.

The training scenario recreated an aviation accident at the airport. The realistic training starts with a fire in the engine, positioned meters behind the aircraft in advance. First a live fire extinguishing element was switched on as a simulator. The simulator is made of metal, works with kerosene, gasoline and textile waste, and the spraying of the fuel is assisted by a compressed air ejector. A removable generator with a 50 kW power and 3x3000 W power illuminated the exercise parameter. The Emergency Operations Center was convened in the equipped special facility in Terminal 2 with a capacity of 30 seats. The injured passengers in the exercise were represented by 45 mannequins, each accompanied by a legend, which includes: name, medical status, nationality, apparent age and gender.

Within the framework of the exercise, the communication channels between the various groups was tested, the automatic notification system, fire extinguishing, vehicle approach to the "accident", evacuation, medical assistance to the "injured", servicing unharmed passengers, interaction with external parties and equipment and the operations of the emergency operation center.

Participation in the full-scale exercise took the emergency rescue teams at Varna Airport, Bulgarian Air Charter Airline, Air Traffic Services Center, Fire Safety and Rescue, Border Police, RDFD, Emergency Medical Center Assistance, St. Anna-Hospital in Varna, the Bulgarian Red Cross and Unified Rescue System 112.

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