Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD has received numerous awards for its investments:

  • Award for "Most Innovative Employer of the Year" in 2021 by the National Association of Transport Unions of Bulgaria
  • Award of the Open Society for the contribution to the economy in Varna 2019
  • Burgas Economy Award 2018 from the Burgas Chamber of Commerce for significant contribution to the develoment of the local economy
  • Prize of the German Economy in Bulgaria 2016, in the category „Large enterprise“
  • European Business Awards in the category “Customer Focus"
  • Euroguidance National Competition 2015, in the category “Career services for non-students”
  • Bulgarian Investment Agency’s Investor of the Year 2013, in the sector “Transport and logistics”,
  • Bulgarian Hotels and Restaurants Association’s Award 2013 for the largest investment in tourism
  • Burgas Chamber of Commerce Award for largest investment made at Burgas Airport in the recent decades
  • Varna Municipality Award for Largest Tourism Investor for Varna Region 2013
  • City Media Group National Competition, under the patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development, Building of the Year 2013, awarded in the category "Urban environment - transport infrastructure"
  • TIME: VARNA, a joint initiative of Varna Municipality and the University of Economics, Event of the Year 2013 Award for Varna Airport’s Terminal 2, in the category “Economy and business”
  • TIME: VARNA Event of the Year 2012 Award for Varna Airport’s runway rehabilitation in the category “Economy and business”
  • Bulgarian Industrial Association Golden Jubilee Sign and Diploma 2011 for the investments and number of jobs provided
  • Honorary diploma for the year 2010 in the good financial results category, new investments and strengthening new markets, awarded by the Burgas Chamber of Commerce and Industry