Ground Handling

Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD provides best quality services for ground handling of aircrafts with highly trained personnel in full accordance with the IATA standards:

Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD performs the management and development of terminal facilities and passenger processes at Varna and Burgas Airports. Organizational management includes the provision of adequate terminal facilities in line with demand, as well as ensuring operational safety and efficiency. Gained over many decades, the experience of Fraport AG is now used in the management of Varna and Burgas Airports.  

Our main focus is the satisfaction of airlines and their customers. We have therefore set up a passenger service which is as personal and as customized as possible – from passenger care, through boarding, to flight scheduling.

To meet the needs of the passengers, Fraport TSAM offers:

  • New passenger terminals featuring spacious areas for passengers and modern equipment
  • An automated check-in system for passengers and luggage handling;
  • Professional service for passengers with reduced mobility;
  • A brand new We Care program ensuring the pleasant airport experience for passengers.
  • A comfortable VIP lounge;
  • Duty free shops with a wide range of quality branded products
  • Food and Beverage outlets and open-space terraces
  • Wi Fi
  • Points of currency exchange

The core expertise of Ground Handling is the fast and efficient servicing of aircraft. Complex supply chain processes and skilled specialists, supported by a range of special equipment and systems, ensure a high level of efficiency, reliability and precision.  

In the Aviation Airside area, Fraport takes care of safe and efficient operations on the aircraft movement areas to meet its customers' needs. Handling aircraft taxying traffic operates in close cooperation with the Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority.

Specialized facilities and offices at both airports offer reliable services for cargo handling with a competitive price and prompt delivery throughout the year. Cargo customers can benefit from a range of innovative, tailor-made logistics solutions and a high level of service quality – round the clock. A well motivated team and modern equipped freight facilities ensure a safe, reliable and speedy freight.

Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD not only offers the classical services such as airport planning, design, operation, retailing and airport management, but also has expertise in the area of organizing trainings with the support of high qualified specialists.

The safety and security of employees, visitors and air passengers at Varna and Burgas Airports is our top priority. In line with national laws, European regulations and international agreements, Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD has a comprehensive system of procedures and measures to avert and prevent dangers and to guarantee a rapid recovery of the operations after an incident.

Refueling is ensured in cooperation with big companies of the petroleum business for giving high quality fuel.