Mission, Vision, Values & Goals

We place the airport in the traveler's heart.

We provide you with the opportunity to travel across the world.

We contribute to the sustainable growth of the Black Sea region.

Our high-performing team understands your needs and cares for you.

We put hearts and minds to contribute to your pleasant journey.

Excellence: We set high targets and always seek to erach new heights. We focus on success and perfection.

Integrity: We are consistently open, ethical and genuine.

Reliability: We are reliable and accountable for our actions and results. We always keep our word.

Commitment: We put our hearts and minds into our work to reach the best results.

Respect: We appreciate others and recognize their abilities and dignity.

Teamwork: Each of us possesses unique culture and talent. We believe that together we perform better.

Trust: We believe in intergrity, professionalism and the positive attitude of others.

Customer: We focus on the customer with excellence and care.

Culture: We inspire personal development through training, motivation and recognition. We are a great place to work.

Challenge: We attract more traffic all year round.

Capacity: We maintain and develop world-class infrastructure in line with traffic growth.

Community: We reach new heights of corporate social responsibility.

Champion: We do business successfully.