The Board of Directors of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD has approved a policy aiming at environment management. Innovative ideas regarding the airports predetermine environment protection as a major company objective. The current policy has been implemented in relation to the following company operations:

Through its innovative corporate ideas and objectives, Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD brings the focus on its obligations to its stakeholders and customers, suppliers, shareholders, officials and neighbors, by turning environment protection management into a key element of its future corporate strategies. FTSAM AD expects from its business partners to guarantee their full compliance with the environment protection regulations and standards in order to minimize the impacts on environment and keep pollution to a minimum.

In order to keep the relation with environment, we are committed to the idea of protecting the environment and its sustainability. We believe that protecting the environment is not limited to measures on the airport premises alone, therefore we are committed to doing much more in this respect, than we are required to.

Our officials are aware of the importance of their obligations and take an active part in achieving the common goals. They willingly undertake this responsibility, being committed to the results of their actions. A clear and decentralized type of responsibility management allows for making correct decisions. Being aware of their responsibilities to environment is taught to our personnel at all levels. The Management and the personnel work in close relation in their efforts to protect the environment in all aspects regarding the company operations.

Our aim is to help in preserving the precious natural resources and make them available to future generations. This is in full concert with our environment protection management system.  

Values Management