Internship Program

The mission of Fraport Twin Star Students Internship Program is to train student interns to become qualified employees in support of the aviation industry by providing expert knowledge and experience through the use of practical employment, supportive training programs, and a caring staff.  

The main goal of our extensive intern program is to prepare the next generation of professionals for the workforce.

The program offers you work experience that will bridge the gap between your classroom experience and intended career. It’s matter of joining the real world, leaving the classroom behind, and embarking on a two and a half months period of deadlines and projects. What you get in return is a wealth of knowledge about the career fields you have chosen and a source of reference for possible future employer. Depending on what field you are interested in, you are placed in one of many divisions within the company including marketing, legal, HR and IT fields, airport operations, airport management, communications, digital marketing and event management department, finance and administration, and a host of other options.