Hazardous substances

Hazardous goods and substances are treated with utmost care at both Varna and Burgas airports. Whenever hazardous goods are transported by air, the relevant data concerning those goods are provided to the destination ports, pursuant to IATA standards. Regular training ensures that all personnel involved in the handling of hazardous goods are properly trained and have extensive knowledge in this specialized field.

Safety is a top priority in handling and using hazardous substsances. People and environment shall be protected against the adverse impact of hazardous chemical substances and preparations.

Control is performed on all chemical substances, preparations and products, taking into consideration industrial safety, health and environment criteria, requiring rigorous compliance of the clearly defined safety measures and respective rules of conduct.

In relation to ensuring the safety of aviation fuel, stored in tanks with the petroleum, oil and lubricants department, the company has introduced and strictly observes a Policy on Prevention of Major Accidents.