Sym Net


Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD has become a part of the Black Sea Industrial Symbiosis Platform (BSISP).

The aim of the SYMNET project is reducing the negative impact on environment while stimulating the economic and social development of the Black Sea region, through creating industrial symbiotic system as a new and innovative approach through exchange of resources.

The industrial symbiosis presupposes three major possibilities for exchange of resources:

  • Reuse of industrial wastes (secondary materials) - exchange of resources between two or more parties;
  • Utilization / infrastructural share - joint use and management of frequently used resources, such as energy, water and waste waters;
  • Joint provision of services - covering the same needs of different companies, related to business operation services, such as fire safety, transport and food supplies.

To ensure the project implementation an electronic platform has been created, through which various partners, manufacturers and users can exchange information on their needs and establish contacts effecting an industrial symbiosis among them. Currently 278 organizations and companies of various sectors of economy have become members to the platform - industry, logistics, tourism, power engineering, non-governmental and state organizations of the four participating parties, one of which is Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD.