Ryanair flies from Burgas to Katowice 

Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, announced a new route from Burgas to the beautiful Polish city of Katowice, with a twice weekly service commencing in June 2020 as part of Ryanair’s Bulgarian Summer 2020 schedule.

In addition to the historical landmarks and incredible buildings, achievements of Polish architects, when you visit Katowice go an explore the Poland's largest Zoo, which is spread over 50 hectares of land and represents 2426 animals and 324 species from around the world.

Do you know that Ryanair is Europe’s greenest/cleanest major airline with the youngest fleet and highest load factors? Ryanair's CO2 per passenger/km is the lowest in the industry, having been cut from 82g to 67g over the last decade while other high fare airlines currently generate over 120g per pax/km. (source: Ryanair)

There are some very interesting customer service statistics: Ryanair carried close to 14 million customers in October 2019 with over 93% of their 76,000 flights arriving on-time. Wow!  (source: Ryanair)Read more about sightseeing in Katowice or book a flight ticket from Burgas Airport: https://ryanair.com


Adriana Troanska

Head of PR & Corporate Communication

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