The Year The World Landed

The year 2020 will remain in history as the year in which COVID-19 brought more fear of the unknown, while uncertainty gave way to difficulties in the planning of trips. 

Our jokes increased, mainly those along the lines of “If you want God to laugh, tell him about your plans!".

Despite everything, there are many tourist enthusiasts who, even now as we speak, will pack their luggage and catch the first direct flight to Varna or Burgas for a holiday on the Bulgarian Black Sea. 

The constantly changing travel restrictions between countries – member states of the European Union, the risk of a booking cancellation before departure, or to remain without a return charter flight all indicate that the vacation experience will not be as it was in the past and that the unique experience will leave the traveler with a mix of emotions.

Let’s also not forget all mandatory anti-epidemic measures which international airports have put in place, so to ensure a safe passenger journey.

In this way, the control and the retention of the highest level of positive airport passenger experience becomes an even greater challenge for airport management. 

Safe Airport Journey Agents

Yavor Kamenov and Dobromir Kolev who are wearing the new “Safe Airport Journey Agent” safety vests
Yavor Kamenov and Dobromir Kolev who are wearing the new “Safe Airport Journey Agent” safety vests

Varna Airport

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In order to offset a large share of the unknown and reduce passengers’ stress level before takeoff and after landing, for all arrivals at Varna Airport and Burgas Airport, we launched a new initiative to increase the positive traveler experience. 

Please meet our safe airport experience agents, Yavor Kamenov and Dobromir Kolev who are wearing the new “Safe Airport Journey Agent” safety vests, so that they can be spotted easily by all passengers in need of assistance and information.

The new vests are also aimed at promoting the 3 D’s:





We asked Martin Dimitrov, Head of Terminal Management at Varna Airport, how the idea arose to have designated agents who offer assistance to passengers during their stay at the airport:

 “In principle, traveling through an airport is one of the most stressful experiences, especially when it is the first time through a particular terminal. In the days of COVID-19, passengers additionally feel vulnerable in terms of their health and they are noticeably worried about sharing enclosed public spaces.

It is important for Fraport Bulgaria that passengers and employees at the terminal feel that they are in an environment of safety and security.

We are improving the anti-epidemic measures with an uncommon solution, reciprocal of the successful Frankfurt Airport experiment to increase passenger satisfaction, namely to have employees with proactive behavior who, at certain points of contact, help passengers comply with the safety requirements and facilitate rapid passage through the terminal.

For example, in the Luggage Reclaim Hall at Varna Airport, there are often parallel flights within a 30-40-minute timeframe, during which many passengers gather in one area and may have difficulty noticing and observing the distance markers and the signage adjacent to the luggage belts.

With the assistance of the Safe Airport Journey Agents, stressful and unpleasant situations can be avoided.”


Daniela Pavlova, Deputy Director of Varna Airport: 

"When the passenger arrives at the airport, it is a moment of celebration. There is a certain excitement about the upcoming flight, but also a feeling of slight stress of the unknown.

In the COVID-19 environment, the passenger seeks information that is readily available through direct dialogue with an airport employee. The tendency is for the passenger to prefer personal contact and to always seek to ask someone for something.

The special vest commands respect and provides a sufficient motive for the rules to be followed. It is not open to interpretations and objections.”

A New Beginning At The End Of 2020

Restoring the passenger's confidence will take as long as necessary. 

The year 2020 is the year that marks a new beginning of bold decisions in the aviation sector.

Everyone involved in creating the passenger experience, from the arrival at the airport for Departures to departing from the airport after arrival, requires a unified approach to anti-epidemic measures that set a whole new standard of service.

A guaranteed smooth passage and safe travel will allow airport operators and airlines to maintain their passenger services at a high level and this will, undoubtedly, have a positive impact on the recovery of travel and the tourism business.

The question is:

What will we do today, that we have not done yesterday, so that the airport may remain in the heart of the passenger?
Safe Airport Journey Agents

Health Safety at Varna Airport

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Customer Experience Employees

Varna Airport