Preventive COVID-19 measures at Black Sea airports

Current information

Varna Airport and Burgas Airport are open to travelers only!

In order to ensure a minimum of people at the airport, well-wishers and greeters will not be allowed to enter the terminal. For all issues related to canceled flights, passengers may be informed by contacting the airline concerned.

Orders have come into force

According to Order № RD-01-278/29.04.2021 of the Minister of Health, as of  1st May 2021 to 31th May 2021, all citizens (except these mentioned in article 1 in the Order), Bulgarian nationals, nationals of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement States (including San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and Vatican City), and their family members or persons who are in actual cohabitation with them; citizens of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Japan, New Zealand, China, Rwanda, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Russia, Israel, Kuwait, the Republic of Belarus, and Turkey; persons with permanent or long-term resident status in Bulgaria (and their family members); persons who hold Bulgarian visa type “D” for long-term residence; persons with resident status (and their family members) of Member States of the European Union, the Schengen Agreement States (including San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and Vatican City) and their family members may enter Bulgaria by presenting one of the following documents:


(a) a vaccination certificate for a completed vaccination course against COVID-19. The vaccination certificate is considered valid 14 days after receiving the final dose. The document should include full name of the vaccinated person as per the identification document, date of birth, dates the vaccine doses were administered, vaccine name and batch number, name of the producer, details of the vaccine certificate issuing authority and country;

(b) a positive result from a PCR or antigen test for immunity for COVID-19 for persons who had the coronavirus infection not more than 6 months from the date they enter the country;

(c) a negative result from a PCR test performed within 72 hours of their entry into the country or a negative antigen test performed within 48 hours of their entry into the country;


Varna Airport and Burgas Airport are the 1st Bulgarian airports granted ACI Airport Health Accreditation. Read more here.

All high-contact surfaces at Varna Airport and Burgas Airport are treated with the patented nano product Liquid Guard® which formed an invisible protective layer and provide lasting antimicrobial and antiviral protection. Read more here about it.

Varna Airport and Burgas Airport strictly comply with all recommendations and instructions received from the relevant Bulgarian and world health authorities and fully equipped and ready to  respond to an infectious disease outbreak.

Since the beginning of the crisis, Varna Airport and Burgas Airport have been in direct contact with the responsible health authorities, constantly monitoring the situation and has remained mobilized to respond 24/7.

The two Fraport Bulgaria's airports maintain continuous bilateral contact with the competent officials of the RHI Varna, and chair regular meetings with the relevant bodies:

  • Airport Operations Managers
  • Representatives of the Border Police
  • Customs
  • Fire Brigade
  • Reginal Health Inspectorate (RHI)

establishing a COVID-19 prevention Crisis Committee.

The joint efforts with the competent officials of the Regional Health Inspectorate of Varna and Burgas, and the Varna and Burgas Airport Police Directorate includes registration of all arriving passengers in the border control system and additional collection of information through questionnaires filled out by arriving from risk destinations passengers.

In response to the same order, Terminal 2 Arrivals Hall, prior to the border checkpoint, is equipped with a thermal camera, monitored by specialized RHI teams in line with the flight schedule and the associated risk determined by the country of origin.

Additionally, there is ongoing communication with the airlines served by Varna Airport and Burgas Airport for better control and awareness for both stakeholders.

Personal protective equipment is provided for all airport services, as well as other necessary materials, devices, and COVID-19 crisis management tools.

Varna Airport and Burgas Airport responsibly provide and disseminate information and recommendations to staff and passengers traveling through the airport.

A number of measures have been taken to address the spread of COVID-19 incl. enhanced cleaning and disinfection regime, regular ventilation and cleaning of premises and vehicles, separation of passengers from arriving flights from high-risk destinations from all others and non-admittance of non-travelers in the airports terminals.