"Fraport Twin Star Airport Management" AD makes every possible effort for the development of Burgas and Varna Airports


As in the past, “Fraport Twin Star Airport Management" AD continues to make every possible effort for the traffic development of Burgas Airport and Varna Airport, in accordance with its commitments as a responsible concessionaire of the two sea airports. We are providing the best possible and safe service to all passengers, visitors and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.   The promotion of the two airports to attract more routes to the airlines is carried out continuously and in the same way for Varna and Burgas.

From the beginning of 2022 until now, Burgas Airport served 1,621,220 passengers with 12,159 aircraft movements, which represents a 70% increase compared to last year, though we have no flights from the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus.   The summer of 2022 was extremely successful for Burgas Airport, with regular and charter flights to 75 destinations from 23 countries, operated by 42 airlines, which is more than the number of passengers served at Varna Airport from the beginning of the year - 1,333,699 passengers with 10,332 aircraft movements.

Burgas Airport and Varna Airport were presented at the world tourist exhibitions in Paris and London, and we are constantly working with the airlines in the direction of opening new routes for the two airports.Moreover, Burgas and Varna Airport were promoted at a special "roadshow" in Poland, organized by the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria, from 24th to 28th October, during which many B2B meetings were held aimed at the promotion of the airport's potential for the Polish market.    

The investment program for Burgas Airport is implemented according to plan and in alignment with the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the upcoming years we are investing more money in projects in Burgas as the runway rehabilitation will come up.

As concessionaire we do everything to attract more and more airlines and open new routes, for sure also in autumn, winter and spring, but the final decision on their operation is made by the airlines themselves and the passengers, whose interest in a specific destination is decisive.  

Yesterday we announced that RyanAir will operate 3 new flights from/to Burgas Airport for 2023 to: Poznan, Kaunas and Dublin. Our expectations for 2023 are optimistic for an even stronger year than 2022, and we will work tirelessly to achieve higher and higher goals, as we do it now.

"Fraport Twin Star Airport Management" AD has always followed the approach of joint work and initiatives with the local authorities for the promotion of Burgas as an attractive tourist destination, so that we can welcome even more flights to Burgas Airport. The management team of   "Fraport Twin Star Airport Management" AD is very interested to collaborate with municipalities, the touristic sector and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria to grow the tourism at the Bulgarian Black Sea. We already do so, including the foundation of the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance, and are inviting all municipalities and professionals to join our activities.