Varna Airport opened the completely renewed Taxiway (ECHO)

The project is the third largest investment by Fraport Twin Star at the Black Sea airport up to now

On June 16th at Varna Airport, "Fraport Twin Star Airport Management" AD officially opened the completely renewed Taxiway (ECHO) with a ceremonial ribbon cutting and a folklore musical performance with bagpipes in the presence of many official guests and representatives of the media in the country.

The 8.6-million-euro project is Fraport Twin Star's third largest investment, out of a total of 136 million euro invested in Varna Airport so far, and is part of planned investments expected to reach up to 196 million euro by 2046!    

Taxiway (ECHO) is unique in Bulgaria, as it has the largest carrying capacity in the country, and it is expected that in the next 20 years - 160,000 flights with over 21 million passengers will pass through it! It was built in 180 days, during which the operation of the airport was not disturbed or interrupted, despite the record winter traffic that Varna Airport reported during this period.

The new taxiway is a sustainable project in its construction, as the old concrete structure was crashed to serve as а subbase layer under the new surface structure, which is 1030 m long, 38 m wide without the extensions, and with an average thickness of 1.08 m! It is equipped with 92 diode axial lamps, 36 electrical shafts, and new wiring (primary - 4600 m. and secondary - 4300 m.), which will also lead to saving a large amount of electrical energy. A total of 11,200 m3 of recycled crushed concrete were used, and the remaining aggregates were: polymer-modified asphalt 4,670 m3, binder - 3,750 m3, and gravel - 21,000 m3.

This is another important safety project that "Fraport Twin Star" has implemented at Varna Airport since the beginning of the concession contract with the state, and thanks to it, passengers and crews will feel an improved experience during arrival and landing.

  “All the teams involved, external and internal, worked together very well. We were facing challenges during the project as unforeseen problems with the soil we had to remove. So I am glad we completed this project in time, quality, and budget. Thanks to our teams and to Stimex as a construction company!”, said Dr. Frank Quante, CEO of Fraport Twin Star.

Varna Airport is very much looking forward to serving all the passengers and guests with the renowned high level of quality in services and ensuring smooth traveling for the passengers!