The Innovative Employer of 2021



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  • Date: 2021-06-07

During an official Award Ceremony at Albena Resort, the Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria awarded Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD as “Innovative Employer”.  

The award was specially founded this year – for the first time ever by the Association, as a sign of appreciation of the airport operator’s initiatives to improve the working conditions and the overall environment of both airports.

Ekaterina Yordanova, Chairwoman of the Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria: “Fraport, perhaps most affected by the COVID – 19 crisis, at the most difficult moment assessed the preservation of human capital as the most valuable and with an innovative approach. The company managed to transform the problems into solutions and inspired us to establish our very own award for "Innovative Employer". Fraport Twin Star has created a healthy and inspiring work environment and involved all employees to achieve it. The company has contributed to both improving the job activities and the psychological health of workers, shifting the focus from the problems associated with the uncertainty of the crisis to positive emotions of satisfaction with one's own efforts to achieve a common goal.”  

Overall, more than 30,000 hours have been spent in more than 150 projects to improve the landside and airside appearance, to maintain assets and to improve conditions of working spaces at Varna and Burgas airports. Offices and resting areas, public areas and airport equipment were refurbished and renewed. All areas were prepared in the very best way to welcome passengers and other guests at the airports in the 2021 summer tourist season. In addition, close to 5,000 roses were planted in cooperation and with the financial support of over 24 partner companies.  

“As management team of Fraport in Bulgaria, we wanted to make the best use of the working capacities in the winter season in view of the sharp traffic decline. The joint work inside and outside the buildings improved the overall appearance significantly. Nearly all employees contributed. I am especially happy and proud of the many companies who supported the rose planting in these difficult times! Every crisis is an opportunity and now we are strongly collaborating with many companies and the Ministry of Tourism in order to ensure the best possible summer tourism season. We will definitely continue with these initiatives! Thanks to all employees and all partners who contributed and supported us!”  

The two airports were recently certified as Healthy Airport by Airports Council International, the largest worldwide association for civil aviation. This prestigiously confirms the massive efforts made in the direction of applied health measures at the airports, to ensure a COVID-free environment and safe airport travel. Over 60 fields of operation were included in the assessment. The airports visibly demonstrated applying the best practices in the industry on various topics, including: cleaning and disinfection, health screening, physical distancing, airport staff health education and passenger protection, extensive communications through a variety of online and offline channels, personalized customer service approach, facilities reconfiguration and digitalization of processes. A major task was the treatment of thousands of high-contact areas at the airports with one of the most modern, permanent nano-based anti-microbial coatings for long-term surface protection.  


Daniela Pavlova and Dragomir Georgiev, both Deputy Airport Directors and main Project Managers of the more than 175 projects implemented in Burgas and Varna: “The project created a lot of team spirit in our company! More and more potential improvements were identified by the employees, who are behind the current outstanding appearance of our airports. The project name, “My Airport”, became an attitude of all the employees, adding a lot of commitment and loyalty. We are motivated to continue raising the bar of performance and improvements onto the next winter season.”

CEO Frank Quante: “We are ready for the tourists and invite everyone to spend time at the beautiful Bulgarian Black Sea with its rich culture and perfect beaches!”


The Innovative Employer Award was initiated by the Federation of Transport Trade Union in Bulgaria and is awarded for innovations in management regarding improving the working environment and working conditions.

The award itself is an exquisite sculpture, symbolizing the birth of an idea and breaking stereotypes. Its dynamic is created by a mountain crystal erupting from deep within the granite core of earth, finding its way towards the light, breaking down the steel barriers and leaving a golden trace behind itself.It is thought that mountain crystal bears health, business activity, energy, spiritual purity and is a powerful harmonizing and balancing tool.

The sculpture is the work of Ivo Borisov - an artist with his own typical style, notable with the high quality of design and his masterful craftsmanship, who was included among our top artists in thr 120 Years of Bulgarian Art almanac on applied, decorative and monumental art.He has received numerous national and international awards.