The Black Sea airports served more than 1 million passengers

During the crisis in the aviation sector in 2020, the Black Sea airports served more than 1 million passengers
Currently, Fraport Bulgaria expects traffic levels in 2021 to return up to 50% of those in 2019 and to be fully restored by year 2024.


Last year, the airports in Varna and Burgas welcomed just over 1 million passengers and served almost 11,000 flights of 49 Bulgarian and foreign airlines, operating charter and regular scheduled flights to more than 90 destinations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Due to the shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD closed the year with a -79% drop in passenger traffic at both airports.

Varna Airport

36 served airlines
69 destinations
618000 served passengers
541 served charter flights
5448 served regular scheduled flights
45 cargo tons

In 2020, flight programs of 36 airlines to 69 destinations were operated from Varna Airport. More than 618,000 passengers were served, which is a decrease of -70% compared to 2019.

Most passengers came from the following top five countries: Germany (200,000), Bulgaria (122,000), UK (95,000), Austria (38,000) and Poland (37,000).

The leading destinations from Varna were Sofia, London, UK, Vienna, Austria, Berlin, Germany and Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Two new routes were started last year - Brussels-Charleroi, Belgium and Bremen, Germany, and 2 airlines began flying from / to Varna Airport.

A total of 6,881 flights were served at the airport, of which 5,448 were regular scheduled and 541 charter.

The largest number of charter flights served the destinations: Katowice, Poland; Leipzig, Hanover and Berlin, Germany.

The busiest months last year were July, August and September, with the largest number of passengers - 5,587 passing through the airport on August 2nd.

A total of 45 tons of cargo was handled during the year.

Varna Airport is enjoying the positive developments, starting with the renewed regular flights to Istanbul,Turkey operated by Turkish Airlines from February 22 while, this summer, the airline will operate 11 flights per week.

S7 is expected to launch the Moscow, Russia - Varna route from June 3rd, and Lufthansa will start flying to Frankfurt, Germany from May 22 until the end of October.

Burgas Airport

36 served airlines
53 destinations
414000 served passengers
1120 served charter flights
2200 served regular scheduled flights
3889 cargo tons

In 2020, flight programs of 36 airlines to 53 destinations were implemented from Burgas Airport. The airport served 414,000 passengers, which is a decrease of -86% compared to 2019.

The five countries from which Burgas Airport welcomed the most passengers are Poland (150,000), Germany (76,000), the Czech Republic (63,000), Great Britain (46,000) and Ukraine (19,000).

Leading destinations from Burgas include Warsaw and Katowice, Poland; London, UK; Prague, Czech Republic and Düsseldorf, Germany.

A new airline operated flights to and from Burgas Airport and 2 new routes were added to the airport portfolio - Lviv and Krakow, Ukraine.


A total of 4,079 flights were served at the airport, of which 2,200 regular scheduled and 1,120 charter.

The largest number of charter flights served the destinations: Katowice, Warsaw and Wroclaw, Poland; Leipzig and Berlin, Germany.

The busiest months at the airport were July, August and September, with the most passengers served on August 14th when 8,937 passengers passed through the airport.

A total of 3,889 tons of cargo and mail were transported during the year.

Noteworthy developments in 2021 include Wizz Air’s decision to base one Airbus A320 aircraft at Burgas Airport, planned to operate during the period June 10th to September 12th and the launch of seven new routes to seven countries from the seaside town: Dortmund, Germany; Eindhoven, The Netherlands; Kiev, Ukraine; Liverpool, UK; Poznan, Poland; Tel Aviv, Israel and Turku, Finland.

The seven new routes complement the existing ones: London Luton and Doncaster, UK; Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary; Warsaw, Katowice and Wroclaw in Poland, becoming a total of 14 during the summer season.

Another piece of good news is the start of the first direct service of its kind from Cluj - Napoca, Romania to Burgas on June 20 announced by the airline Blue Air. It will provide 2 weekly services between Cluj Napoca and Burgas every Wednesday and Sunday.

S7 airline is expected to launch flights to Moscow, Russia starting on May 1st and, for the first time, easyJet airline is planning to operate from Burgas Airport flights to London - Gatwick, UK and Berlin, Germany starting in July and spanning until the end of the summer season.


aircraft-repairs-hangar-varna-airport (1).jpg


During the first 14 years of the concession – the period from 2006 to 2020, Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD invested over BGN 400 million in infrastructure and technical improvements at Varna and Burgas airports. 

In 2020, despite the COVID-19 crisis, the funds allocated to investment projects at the two airports amount to over BGN 4 million.

Among the top investments rank the preparation of project documentation for the reconstruction of taxiway "Eco" at Varna Airport; airfield area pavement improvements and all construction and installation works related to the change of status of the Terminal 3 building. It underwent conversion into an aircraft repair and maintenance hangar, incorporating all construction and fire protection measures and overall, exceeding BGN 1.7 million in total value.

The subsequent stage of the reconstruction and expansion of the apron was completed at Burgas Airport. It is planned to continue during the off-season until 2023. In addition to the construction works, a complete replacement of the apron lighting with highly efficient LED elements will be carried out. 

This year, the planned investments in the two airports will exceed BGN 5 million. 

At Varna Airport, planned to start this year is the expansion and rehabilitation construction activities of the aircraft apron, including the construction of a new apron lighting system. A new photovoltaic installation project worth over BGN 2 million has been launched, in addition to the building of pipe wells in order to improve irrigation systems, reconstruction and transformation of the office building next to the hangar into a checkpoint for oversized cargo, which must also become a part of the area subject to controlled access.

At Burgas Airport, the research and design activities related to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the runway are about to start - an investment project worth over BGN 50 million. The next stage of the expansion of the apron will also continue. The construction of a similar photovoltaic installation project has started in parallel at the airport.