Fraport Twin Star announces the winter schedule for its Black Sea airports
The winter timetable for flights to and from the airports of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD - Varna Airport and Burgas Airport comes into force today.
Lauda Airlines for the first time at Varna and Burgas Airports
Lauda - a new airline with flights from Varna and Burgas to Vienna in 2020!
Photo Contest at Varna Airport Encourages All Spotters to Take Part
Varna Airport announces a contest for the best photo taken from a specific location by August 31st. The location – north latitude: 43 ° 13'40.45 " and eastern longitude: 027 ° 48'13.66" – offers a great look at the planes that are landing and taking off.
06.05.2019 and Jet2holidays Celebrates First Flights to Burgas in Bulgaria and Jet2holidays waved off its first ever flight to Burgas in Bulgaria today, as it marked the official start of flights and holidays to the brand new destination.
Full-scale training exercise with challenging obstacles held at Varna Airport
On April 17, at 9:30pm, a full-scale training session on the emergency and rescue plan was held at Varna Airport with the participation of over 20 emergency rescue vehicles and over 70 employees and external units.
The Black Sea airports serviced more than 38,000 flights during the record year 2018
Last year, the airports in Varna and Bourgas welcomed 5.5 million passengers and more than 38 000 flights by 103 airlines. The growth in 2018 was 13%, while in the last 3 years the traffic of both airports increased by 50% to 60% percent.

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