ntemporary society is difficult to imagine without the air transport and related improvements, facilitating everyday life. The benefits from the global mobility and international trade are to the interest of all members of society. However, various transport modes, weather terrestrial, waterway or by air, have always been a source of noise pollution.

Regarding aircrafts, technological advancement and improved flight procedures have resulted in decreasing the noise emissions and pollution in recent years. In this relation, the Company has invested in installing a System for monitoring the noise levels at the airports of Varna and Burgas. The noise monitoring system has been commissioned at the beginning of the high summer season of 2011. It consists of for stationed terminals for each airport, whose location has been selected based on the expected  noise contour LАeq 60-65 dB (A) at the airports of Varna and Burgas.

The installation is one of the cutting-edge systems, developed under current technologies for recording and reading noise emissions. Reading is assured by special terminal stations with built-in microphones, set up in relation to the air corridors locations. The data obtained from readings are updated at an interval of half, up to one second. The system stores information in a database, performs noise parameter calculations, registering indicators not only in terms of landing and taking off planes but also of overflights in the area.

Pursuant to the regulatory requirements, periodical repots are prepared, based on the information from the terminal stations on all registered instances of aircrafts which have generated excessive noise emissions, such information being sent to the regulatory bodies, such as RIEW and EAEW.

Noise monitoring location points